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Trading Data and Signals for Stocks and Cryptocurrencies


Alpha Hunter provides high quality historical trading data for a wide range of financial assets, including minute level data for 1000+ stocks since 2002 and transaction level data for main cryptocurrencies since 2014.

Minute level stock intraday data

Minute level intraday price and volume data for 1000+ stocks since 2002.

Minute level cryptocurrency intraday data

24/7 minute level price and volume data for main cryptocurrencies since 2014, including BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS and ZCASH etc.

Transaction level cryptocurrency trading data

24/7 transaction data for main cryptocurrencies at top 13 crypto asset exchanges since 2014, including bitfinex,, binance, bitmex and okex, etc.

Real-time trading signal subscription

Real-time trading signal push for main indices and industry ETFs, including traditional technical analysis indicators and special alphas designed by trading experts from Alpha Hunter.


Below are our products for stocks and cryptocurrencies, and their detailed information and prices.


Historical Cryptocurrency Data

Detailed trade data, 13 exchanges, from 2014

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Historical Intraday Stock Data

More than 1000 stocks, from 2002

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Historical Intraday Index Data

Indices, indicators, futures, as early as 1983


Real-time Data and Trading Signal

Push notification for trading signal


Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading

Quantitative trading team

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Customized Data Service

Customized data and trading solutions

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