• Multiple layers of security
  • Elevate any combination of who you are, what you have, what you know and what you did.
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  • Choose what you need
  • Use the flexibility to choose what you need within each layer. This flexibility allows you to enhance your existing security posture by adding on layers.
Easy for you to setup and use
Instant setup
Get up and running instantly in just a few clicks with no upfront charges or new equipment.
Easy integration
Drag and drop enhanced identification tools into your existing applications and business processes. Check out our developer portal to see how easy it is.
Easy for your customers to use
Instant remote
No matter where your customers or employees may roam, there’s no need to corral them to enroll their unique identity. It takes just 3 easy steps—from anywhere.
Works across devices and operating systems
Be able to securely and instantly identify your people, no matter what device they choose or what operating system is deployed at headquarters.
Automatically scale
Start out small and grow fast. With us, there’s no upcharge for growing your business. Our cloud grows with you and works harder when you do.
Plug and play framework
Our plug and play framework means you get continuous upgrades to every aspect of identification technology: new biometric modalities, better algorithms, additional factors, information sources— without having to ask.
Fully Managed Services
We do all the work so you won't have to.
Automatic Server Provisioning
High Availability & Business Continuity
Automatic Data Backups and Archival
Machine Learning
Plug-ins and Integrations
Auto Scaling
Automated Patching and Upgrades
End to End Encryption
Trusted Device Management
Runtime Biometric Mode Selection
Plug-N-Play Biometric Algorithms
For Any Size Business
Instant setup
Start protecting your business, your customers and your employees today.
Pay as you go options
With our transparent pay-as-you-go pricing, you won’t need to guess what the power of WHO costs, only what you’ll save by adding identity security with convenience to the bottom line.