My father got well again.

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Andrea forgot to take his umbrella with him.

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I usually have a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.


Why didn't you do what we asked you to do?

I'm very hungry today.

You certainly fooled her.

The world is running out of oil.

We went to high school together, as you can probably gather.

Would you like some more orange juice?

He dared to propose to her.

He has been sick since last night.

See that this never happens again.


There's a water shortage in this area.

Shall we eat this Pocky from both ends?

The Jacksons invited me to have dinner with them.

I advise you all to get plenty of rest.

I think we should do something.

They like jazz.

Donn watched as Shamim drove away.

It's nothing compared to what she did.

He will be very busy next month.

He bought two horses at the fair.

I worry more about you than the future of Japan.

We spent a few days together in Paris before coming back to Boston.

A widow had two daughters.

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He can speak both English and French very well.


We just broke up.


She was expelled from the summer camp because she kissed her friend.

Marry in haste, repent in leisure.

Why would anybody want to do that?


I never could hide anything from you.

Prakash closes his eyes when he swims underwater.

He is taller than I.

Takao had no place to go.

It is good for us to understand other cultures.


I want to do this myself.


I've already called her.


Who, that has common sense, would do such a thing?

He wiped the sweat from his forehead.

She became famous as a mystery writer.

No students were absent.

I'll take that into consideration.


Love your neighbors.

I want to get back.

I'd like to get back to work.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.

This is technically impossible.

Hi, my name is Sridharan.

I don't know if that's it or not.


I spotted you in the crowd as soon as I saw your hat.

She was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

Farmers rebelled against the government.

I already sold that.

Our business is doing great.

Calvin is nervous.

Charlie wants you to do it.

Is the hotel far from here?

Marion returned to England after the war.

There is a table in the corner of the room.

I didn't think it would be that easy.


A man away from home need feel no shame.

His arrogance led to his downfall.

What're you hunting?

Without your help, I would have been unable to do it.

You're the most important person in my life.


The questions are going to get tougher.


You didn't tell me everything.

Death isn't sad. What's sad is that most people don't live at all.

But you've never told me about this!


We did everything for the welfare of our children.

Alert! Roger, open your eyes, something is going on at the beach.

I'm not an easy girl.

Which road should I take?

Evelyn got up from his desk.

I'm not ready to go home.

Someone broke the lock and stole my bike.

I work every day except on Sunday.

Russell speaks French better than me.

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"I'll bring my dog along, so you can meet him." "What?! Don't you dare bring that animal here!"

Vance has three cousins.

Vincent has friends all over the world.

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I went to the boss in hopes of getting a raise.

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You are impossible to deal with.

Being tired, as I was, I went to bed earlier than usual.

May I have this for two or three days?

Andreas has something to do right now.

He's a man of outstanding character.

I did my part.

Don't wait till the last minute.

I actually really liked it.

Children always find a reason to make friends.

Two minds are better than one.

He was accused of murdering his wife and child.

That sounds like French.

I can't look the other way anymore.

I tried not to think about it.

Cecilia is doing a terrific job.

We obey our parents because we honor them and we love them.

May the firmament not fall upon him.

When did you get your first tattoo?

Christophe has finished her Japanese assignment.

Don't cut your classes so often.

The corpse has a gunshot wound in the chest.

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Thank you for asking me.

Clara already knew that Clyde had lots of money.

Toby went willingly.

My feet hurt so much, I think that I must have run them right through to the bone.

Amir admitted that he had committed the crime.

I don't have a lot of time for this.

They won't be able to tell.


Let me think about that.


I was supposed to leave yesterday.

It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for her.

Don't make noise when you eat soup.

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He doesn't have enough money to travel.

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The infant has faith in his mother taking care of him.

Life is really hard.

The chart illustrates how the body works.

What you have to do tomorrow - do today; what you have to eat today - eat tomorrow.

Sanjeev never saw Valerie after that.

You missed two assignments; you will have to make them up at once.

I'm a fairly well-educated guy.

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Was that man harassing you?

That's hard to say.

When she went to Oshima by sea, she got seasick and brought up all she had eaten.

How many are in your party?

Stephan has been tolerant.

I would have never met you.

Is John available now?

Dominic isn't happy about it.

I am not being guided

Charlie might not be here today.

He wishes he had glorious hair.

You must have been surprised to find me alone with her last night.

Lyndon is the one who told me about that.

My husband always reads in bed.

This study grant was given to me by the departmental council.

Gene does nothing but read books on Sundays.

The movie is about a boy named Van.

Researchers believe that discovery always comes like a bolt from the blue.

Someone's going to hurt Heidi.

Please remember to put out the light before you go to bed.

He stared straight at her.


Somebody wants to talk to you.

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She asked me to help her with her assignment.

He is very kind.

I'm ready to forgive her.

Why can't I go with you?

Joon told me about the big fish that got away.

I talked myself hoarse.

It's about time.


My mother attached herself to a cooperative society.


I heard an awesome story yesterday.

He knows how to repair computers.

He had barely enough money to buy bread and milk.


Donne is numb.

The man lent me two books this morning.

I'm sure Lance will wish he hadn't said that.


My name is Richard, but everyone calls me Dick.

They study industry.

I used to live near a park.

We were completely victorious.

Charleen's guilty.

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From what Casper tells me, we are doing very well this quarter.

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The pidgeon coos.